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massage chair SHIATSU Superior deluxe, color black
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Questions about our massage chair SHIATSU:


  Q:      Your massage chair is new to our market. Is it technically mature, yet?


  A: We guarantee it! The SHIATSU was developed in Asia , the homeland of most massage techniques, where it is an important part of most health-conscious households. Furthermore, an increasing number of companies provide their most important managers with this opportunity to relax.  
  Q:      What can I do if the SHIATSU gets dirty?  
  A: The covers are, depending on the model you chose, either made of synthetic or real leather. In most cases, a regular cloth will remove most stains. In case of heavier defilement, use a conventional leather cleansing agent. If it is still not possible to remove the stains, you can simply replace the old cover with a new one.  
  Q:      Will the SHIATSU still provide enjoyment after its novelty has decreased?  

A: Once you have experienced the soothing effects of a whole body massage, you will not want to miss your SHIATSU anymore! You will not be willing to do without the deep and healthy relaxation and the scientifically proven medical effects of the massage.

Also, the SHIATSU will be able to serve you as a TV chair or, when it is turned off, as a resting place for an evening with a good glass of wine and your favourite CD playing on the integrated sound system.


  Q:      Can the SHIATSU replace my masseur or physiotherapist?  

A: Our massage chair is, by all means, a useful completion of the massage a masseur can give you and also has a few advantages. With the SHIASU, you can choose the time of your massage and can enjoy it at home instead of having to make appointments with you masseur.

Even though a massage chair cannot have the sure instinct of an experienced masseur, the SHIATSU does work extraordinarily precise and with lots of endurance. Also, many masseurs in Western countries are not yet experienced in the shiatsu massage technique and are therefore inferior to our massage chair in that area.

The SHIATSU will not be able to fully replace professional physiotherapy, though it can be beneficial for injury-recovery by helping your muscles to relax.



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Yours sincerely,

The Massagesessel SHIATSU Vertrieb sales team.


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