Why people buy our massage chair SHIATSU.
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   Reasons to buy the SHIATSU

Why did our customers choose on of the SHIATSU deluxe massage chairs?


  During extensive market research, we asked our customers why they chose a SHIATSU deluxe massage chair. Here we show you 12 of the main reasons:



because I had to do something for my health

because I wanted to be able to relax after work  

because I do care about looks of my massage chair


because I had been looking for a massage chair that I could also read and watch TV in


because I learned about the traditional, east-asian SHIATSU massage and was fascinated


because I wanted to make a very special present: Health


because someone recommended the SHIATSU to me


because your website made me curious and provided detailed information

because I compared the SHIATSU with various other massage chairs and found it to be the best (you can also test the SHIATSU for free if you make and appointment with us  

because I wanted a medically effective massage chair instead of one without any virtue



because the detailed and friendly customer service convinced me


Thanks to all our customers that participated in this survey. We also thank those of our customers that provided us with personal references.

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