The meaning of SHIATSU Where is the "Shiatsu" actually coming from? You want to know more about SHIATSU? Just click here!
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   The meaning of Shiatsu

Where is the "Shiatsu" actually coming from?

Shiatsu is Japanese and means "finger pressure". It is the name for the oldest type of medicine: "Healing with the hands". It uses the pressure of the hands on certain Tsubos (pressure points) and manipulative techniques in order to correct the physical structure of the body and adjust the natural internal energy. Therefore this specific type of massage is also called an application of punctual pressure.

Old Asiatic lessons say that permanent stagnation in the flow of life vigour can be manifest itself in illness, pain or feeling unwell. Shiatsu can prevent this stagnation and help to overcome it. The massage stabilizes the functions of the human body, stimulates the autonomous nervous system and has a deeply effect on the functions of all internal organs.

The positive effects of the Shiatsu-massage on the physical level bring out a change on the feeling level, too. Emotional stability and internal composure are supported and an internal balance is achieved, that is necessary to be in harmony with yourself and with those around you. Shiatsu is used for the relaxation and regeneration of the human body and soul.

This type of massage helps to activate the internal natural human strength and repair existing internal disturbances. In the last years it achieved worldwide recognition.

What are Tsubus?
As you definitely know of the acupressure or acupuncture, acupressure points influence your well-being. The eastern medicine calls it Tsubos. Our massage chair stimulates exactly these points in a special program and so it is a valuable help for your health.

Practical application

  • pain of head, neck and back
  • chronic pain while moving
  • disturbances of the vegetative nervous system
  • pain while menstruation
  • sleeping disorders
  • reassuring while pregnancy
  • stabilization of the immune system
  • stimulates the digestion
  • feel and improve your vitality
  • solve physical and emotional tensions

This massage is suitable for everybody, because it is a very gentle method of massage. The Shiatsu adjusts itself completely to the needs of the human.

Our massage chair establishes by intelligent computer-controlled technology your personal body measure and calculates the most important Tsubos for the following relaxing Shiatsu-massage. With Shiatsu whenever you want you can have an individual soothing massage and support your health and well-being.

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